Panda Express – Greenwood, IN

These interior remodels take our crew only one night to complete! If you want a quick facelift with NO downtime, give us a call!

1933 Lounge – Fishers, IN

1933 Lounge is a truly uniquely decorated place to eat. We loved this fun job with all sorts of decorative flair.

Starbucks – Bloomington, IN

We’ve painted over 100 Starbucks over the years! Each one is always so different and interesting – we can’t wait to see how all the finishes come together to create some of the most unique spaces of all the chain fit outs we do.

Domino’s Pizza – Noblesville, IN

Our painters chomp at the bit for jobs like this one. Lots of color, lots of details, but they go really quick. We are a full service company – on this one, we jumped in a upgraded the bulkhead to a level 5 finish before painting it.

Taxman Brewery – Indy

Our painters love downtown work. High visibility and very detailed, these jobs always challenge us to up our game.

Burn Cigar Bar – Indy

Wow! This job is a stunner. Lots of REALLY high end stuff on this one. Phillip Jeffries gold leaf, custom printed wall murals, metallic gold paint. Photos don’t do this one justice – you’ve got to see it for yourself . . .

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