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Auto Dealership Painting

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We understand the importance of keeping your front end sales areas freshly painted.  Our crews can work during normal business hours in a clean, professional manor or we can come in while you sleep and knock out these sensitive areas for you. We have a full ranges of products that can meet any of your needs whether you have a tight budget and just need a fresh look or if you are trying to get a more cleanable and durable product.  ScuffX by Benjamin Moore can extend the life of your paint job by years for only about double the material cost of the job!  Sherwin Williams Emerald or PPG Ultralast can also extend the time between paint jobs at minimal additional cost.

If you are looking to lessen the environmental impact to your customers, we can use zero VOC products and augment that with charcoal air cleaners.  In most situations, your customers won’t even smell the paint!  Just ask our sales team about ways to minimize the impact of painting in your front end environments.

Auto Dealership Paint Job

Service and Backup Areas

Does your service drive or service center need a paint job?  You need a painting professional who knows how to prepare and what products to use to  ensure the best, longest lasting finish that will hold up to grease, chemicals, and heavy use.  We have a wide variety of paints we recommend to fit any budget and can get you that new look you need to keep your car dealership looking its best!  We often recommend using DTM or epoxy in these areas to get the longest life out of your next paint job.  Call our sales team to discuss you project at 317-528-9500!

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